1. New Salt Rock City
  2. Turnkey
  3. Full Circle Homes

New Salt Rock City

Indlovu Construction is part of the developers management team and provides the following services: project management, construction and offplan homes.

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Turnkey Projects

With management staff that have been involved in all facets of construction and development for over 30 years, we offer a turnkey service which provides for budgeting (no charge), design, construction & implementation under one roof. The client now has one person/company to deal with throughout the development process, which makes life easier for all involved on the project.

Some of the advantages are:

Full Circle Homes

Full circle homes is a turnkey process used to relieve the home owners of the complexities of designing and building a new home.

Our team is based at the New Salt Rock Shopping Centre and includes a Project Manager, Architect, Interior Desiner and Indlovu Construction as the building company.

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